Equipped with Western Japan's largest polishing factory. Bulk orders from plate working to polishing and installation.

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Tsuzuki IronWorks began to contract work, such as plate working and plumbing on the premises of Sumitomo Chemical in 1947. Initially plant maintenance was the main business, but following the completion of Toyo Factory (Saijo City) in 1973, the company expanded into the production of large plate working as a core business. Among other things, the company is skilled at large stainless steel plate working, and the company's proprietary surface treatment technology such as buffing and electrolytic polishing have also been adopted in chemical and semiconductor-related equipment with high-quality requirements.

Currently the company has built a structure whereby, production and installation of large plate working as well as plant maintenance is done at Tsuzuki IronWorks, and various polishing business is done in Tsuzuki. The ability to take bulk orders in the Group from plate working up to installation is the company's strength.

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The company began the buffing business in 1988. At that time there was no company doing polishing in Shikoku, and it is necessary to transport large plate working products, multiplying the cost and time for polishing. By performing buffing in-house, the company could cut costs and reduce delivery times. Further, by performing everything from can manufacturing to installation the company could differentiate itself in terms of quality and process control from other companies, and worked towards improving its polishing technique for stainless steel plate working products. Now, beginning with "hand buffing" that requires great experience, the company has set up West Japan's largest facilities with equipment such as plate automatic polishing machines, end plate automatic polishing machines and pipe inside and outside polishing machines.

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In 2010, President Go Tsuzuki said "we want to give added value to buffing", and established a unique electrolytic polishing technology. Electropolishing by passing a current to a special electrolyte solution, is a technique to form a mirror-finished stainless steel surface by forming an oxide film. Electrolytic polishing is characterized by the fact that the size of the object does not matter. Small objects are immersed in the electrolyte, while medium and large objects receive electrolytic polishing by hand. It is possible to finish a wide range evenly, and the electrolytic solution that the company developed itself is environmentally-friendly because it is neutral. In 2012, in the Toyo factory the company completed a dedicated electrolytic polishing plant where 4 large steel can products can be simultaneously worked on. The factory is designed as a semi-clean factory where foreign matter from the outside does not enter, saying "I want to make it our selling point", armed with equipment that can handle high-level quality requirements, ultimately the company wishes to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

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President Tsuzuki says “Performing buffing work in a dusty environment is harsh. I want to establish a better work environment” and plans to established a dedicated factory for buffing in Toyo factory in the future. And for electrolytic polishing, "There are strong needs to enhance corrosion resistance, so we want to advance the study into corrosion-resistant surface modification methods", he says, fully devoted to improving polishing techniques.

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