The only flange manufacturer in Shikoku. Aiming for overseas markets with our newly developed conveyor roller.

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Steel flange, long-life belt conveyor roller
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TOUWA Industry is one of the few flange manufacturers in the country, after it was founded as a demolition company in 1969, it began production of flanges in 1978. Flanges are a type of pipe fitting used to connect pipes to each other, and we mainly manufacture steel flanges. Starting with Japan's largest press, we have established an integrated production system with facilities specialized in flange manufacturing.

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According to the company, 80% of the domestic flange market is for inexpensive imported products which have "a price difference of about 20% if made in the same way" according to Keisuke Jinno, senior managing director. The company has realized product unit prices that can compete with cheap imported products through mass production and increasing work efficiency One example is the 1000 ton press for punching the shape of a flange from iron plates. Typically it is cut using a gas or laser, but the press can punch up to 26 pieces per minute. As well as significantly improving work efficiency, it also leads to shorter delivery times. In addition, reductions in labor costs have been achieved by having one operator handle both a lathes and drilling machine, and the combination of such efficiency initiatives has become a source of competitive advantage.

The "NOS flange" integrated flange and single tube was born out of these cost reduction initiatives. Conventional flanges are welded to a pipe, causing potential problems such as distortion and leakage, but this product has an integral forging die and does not require welding. Eliminating these problems factors have made it possible to reduce the component cost.

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The company has also begun a new initiative applying the manufacturing technique of flanges. In response to a request from a local shipping company, a roller portion for a belt conveyor used when offloading wood chips from the ship, was developed in collaboration with Hagio High Pressure Containers (Niihama) in 2010 . With conventional products, failures were caused by deterioration due to salt damage from the sea, and clogging by fine wood chips.

In the conveyor roller that we developed, the bearing section, which is critical for the roller to rotate, is sealed with a metal cover which is press-molded by applying flange manufacturing technology. Through the integral structure of the metal cover and the bearing section, we reduced the number of parts compared with conventional systems. We achieved a 30% cost reduction. There is less damage from salt and dust because it does not directly touch the outside air, and the system is about twice as durable as conventional products.

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Managing Director Mr. Jinno predicts demand for land transport of coal, saying "there is a need for conveyor rollers for use in other tough environments in addition to ships.” In the future, from the base in Japan, the company will aggressively expand sales in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and the Philippines. He also dreams of "one day selling the “NIIHAMA Roller” to Europe and the United States”.

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