Top class delivery record nationwide of cabs for cranes.
With the introduction of process control systems, the company can provide high-quality products in a short period of time.

Tastem. Co., Ltd.

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3-2-1 Masaeda-cho, Niihama, Ehime 792-0032

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Material handling equipment cabs (thin sheet metal processing, medium / large can processing)
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Tastem.'s history began with the founding of Takahashi Sassho Works in 1958 as the building material department of Takahashi Tetsukosho, that had been manufacturing pressure vessels, became independent.

The company's business has two pillars: an iron works that manufactures crane cabs, ferris wheels, and wind turbine parts, and a construction department that manufactures and installs construction materials such as sashes and fire doors for offices and commercial facilities. In the beginning, 80% of sales were from the construction department, but "we tried to create a structure that could handle all metal processed products" says President Masatoshi Takahashi, and in 1992, on the occasion of changing the company name, the iron works department was strengthened. Currently the sales ratio of the Iron works department has become 70%.

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The main product, cabs for crane, are also available with cabs of up to 12m. The company performs "Everything from design to sheet processing, painting, wiring and assembly." Indispensable in maintaining an integrated production regime, a process control system using bar codes was introduced in 2010. With the introduction of the system, since it is possible to understand the progress and work time of the work, there is the effect of a "heightened awareness of time and cost of employee". Since the amount of work employees can be managed, efficient work allocation has also been made possible. In addition employees "Began to work with a sense of mission so that there is no delay to the next step", and that employee awareness has had a positive impact on delivery time and quality level.

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The company specializes in the processing of sheets to be used in applications such as the covers of cabs for cranes, and mainly deals with iron plates of thickness 1.6mm to 6mm. In order to suppress the occurrence of distortion during welding, the welding sequence and the welding speed depending on the plate thickness must be changed flexibly. The company naturally has know-how in determining optimal work procedures, such as advanced technology to correct distortions by roasting with a burner if distortion occurs during welding.

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In the future, "We want to be able to work on all of the cabs for cranes", with a policy to strengthen the electrical design department. Various types of electronic equipment that is attached to current cabs for cranes, are wired and installed based on circuit drawings supplied by the customer, but in the future the company wants to establish a system to create its own circuit drawings.

In August 2014, powder coating equipment was installed, and a new paint shop was established to match. The company wants to expand orders for paint only in future, and wants to grow the painting department as the "Third pillar".

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