Reproduce the craftsmanship of food processing with a machine.

Suntechno Kuga Co., Ltd.

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Blowfish skin removal machine, far-infrared, low-temperature dryer
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Suntechno Kuga, was founded by the President Takaaki Kuga in 2004, becoming independent from HOKUTO Inc. (Niihama City), a manufacturer of fisheries related equipment. The main business is planning, development and sales of fish processing machines. With the development concept "To reproduce a craftsman’s skill in a machine" the company develops products for niche market that large companies do not participate in from their own perspective.

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The main product, the "Blowfish skin-removal machine", is a machine for uniformly processing the skin of blowfish. In order to eat the skin of blowfish, it is necessary to remove a thin surface layer with the thorns, and this requires skilled technique. Because of the blowfish skin is strictly resistant, it was difficult to handle large quantities by hand. The product, with a finish comparable to manual skin removal, can process up to 210 fish in one hour. The company is active in markets and seafood processing companies nationally.

The "Dagger-tooth pike conger (eel) bone chopping machine", which was released in 2005, cuts bone leaving 0.2mm of skin. When processing fish, using general processing machines, it is easier to process when frozen as compared to the soft raw state, but quality decreases once frozen. The feature of the machine is that it can process fish in a raw state. President Kuga insists that the "major premise is to process while keeping the natural taste and quality.".

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At the time of independence, President Kuga said he "wanted to develop products other than fishery-related machines" and launched the "far-infrared and low-temperature drying machine" in 2010 to dry and concentrated ingredients optimally with far-infrared and low-temperature processing. The product not only dries the surface by far-infrared radiation, moisture is also removed from the inside of food, increasing the ‘umami’ flavor. Through the low temperature process, it is possible to suppress cell destruction which causes the ‘umami’ component to flow out, and the food can be dried while maintaining nutrition, such as vitamins, he says.

The product can be adapted to a wide range of food including meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as fish. For example, for fruit and vegetables, color and taste can be concentrated and kept steady, for example sugar content can easily concentrated from 11 in the raw state to about 70, and by increasing the sugar content, long-term storage of more than one year is possible. By "Processing natural food into tasty products with a long life" it is also possible to take advantage of off-specification products that have been discarded hitherto.

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By applying the technology of the "blowfish skin-removal machine", the company developed a device for removing only the surface layer of tangerine peel. There is bitterness and peel oil in the surface layer portion, and this mixes in during squeezing of the oranges in the manufacturing process of tangerine juice, causing a drop in taste and quality. In the future, the company plans to advance its research to create a high quality tangerine juice in combination with a dryer. In the future, the company wishes to establish a technology that can be applied to functional food, "Ultimately we want to do the manufacturing and sale of processed food products.".

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