Equipped with machining equipment for large-scale applications. Iron plate of thickness 300 mm or more can be welded.

Shiozaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

1-18-20 Shinden-cho, Niihama, Ehime792-0003

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Certified products and technology
Thick welding, machining of large products
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Shiozaki Seisakusho’s predecessor, Shiozaki Machine Works, was founded in 1937 as a cooperation factory of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. At that time it made wooden molds for casting, but it advanced into Iron Works in 1972. The present name was adopted due to incorporation in 2002.

The company is skilled at production of large-size mechanical parts. Above all, the company has been engaged for many years in the production of equipment and components for steel plants. In steel plants that deal with high temperature molten iron, equipment that uses thick iron is required, and our advanced welding technology and know-how of thick metal that was accumulated through working on these steel plants has become a valuable resource for the company.

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And to enable large-scale production, we are equipped with a 20 ton crane, large laser machine and Plano mirror etc. In addition to steel plant related work, we are also skilled at large machinery parts, such as for various types of industrial machinery and state-of-the-art cancer treatment systems.

The company handles mainly iron and stainless steel. In our core business of steel plant equipment, we often deal with thick iron plate of about 30mm, but in the past we have experience with welded iron plate thickness of over 300mm.

When welding steel plates together, if heat is concentrated at the welding point, this causes distortion in the part. In order to suppress distortion, it is necessary to weld after heating the entire part up to a constant temperature, but depending on the part type, size and thickness, the heating time and part are different. Since the production that the company is engaged in is large, there are many welds, and the finish is different depending on the order of welding.

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Such temperature control and welding procedure are "indispensable to make a high precision product" (President Takashi Shiozaki), and the company has created manuals by accumulating data, and is always pursuing advanced welding technology. Also, since "welding of thick materials cannot be judged just by looking with the eyes", the company also carries out quality control with non-destructive testing using X-ray.

The company aims to increase orders, and has been actively promoting the development of new markets. In 2013, in cooperation with local hoist manufacturers, the company began the manufacture of crane parts. The company has also established cooperative relationships with design companies in its long history. President Shiozaki has said "In the future, we want to take on the challenge of developing our own products in cooperation with design companies.".

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In addition, the company also deals with the machining of large industrial machinery parts, but currently is often commissioned to produce mechanical parts alone. President Shiozaki wishes to promote the strengthening of the assembly department; "In the future we want to establish a system that you can order units that are a combination of several kinds of parts". "If we can create a system up to assembly, it will be possible to develop new customers," he says, and plans are underway to establish a new assembly plant equipped with a heavy crane.

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