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Sasaki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd.

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Certified products and technology
(1) Production of precision can manufacturing frames, (2) Can manufacturing/welding technology of high-tensile steel plates with high accuracy
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Sasaki Manufacturing Industry has been involved solely in the boiler-welding business for industrial machinery components. The company manufactures a wide variety of products in small single-unit quantities, ranging from small cut plates and brackets on a centimeter scale, to huge drive belt side frames up to 10 m long and weighing 10 t.

Sasaki Manufacturing Industry was established in 1970 as a cooperating company of Sumitomo Chemical. As technical innovation advanced throughout the industry, the company was one of the first to implement CAD and laser cutting equipment to enhance production efficiency and precision. It embraced the know-how required for precision can manufacturing after it took on highly skilled and motivated employees from other companies in the region that were affected by the economic downturn of the 1980s.

Sasaki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd. 2

Today Sasaki Manufacturing Industry is mainly involved in jobs associated with the Sumitomo Group such as Sumitomo Heavy Industry Ion Technology Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. while also working on products related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and shipbuilding.

Completed products in its main line of business, precision can manufacturing frames, can be affected by minute dimensional differences or misaligned welding. To prevent this, the utmost care is applied to the welding order, speed, balance, welding equipment electrical current, heat dissipation and a host of other factors to limit the amount of twisting. The result is a manufacturing precision of around ±1 mm over materials 2 m in length. Major clients continue to rely on Sasaki Manufacturing Industry because products require minimal grinding during subsequent processes, which cuts down production time.

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This level of advanced technology is also being utilized for boiler-welding of high-tensile steel plate. High-tensile plate is a delicate type of material in which any distortion is unable to be rectified. Applying too much heat can change the material's properties, while sudden temperature changes can cause cracking. Due to the high cost of the material, production with minimal waste is essential. The company is capable of precision at a level of horizontal distortion within 5 mm with boiler-welding products 9 to 80 mm thick and around 10 m long when 780 high-tensile steel plate is used. The company also has technology capable of welding dissimilar metals such as 590 high-tensile steel plate and stainless steel without any distortion. While there are many other companies that can provide welding services suited to either steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or titanium, Sasaki Manufacturing Industry is capable of working with any type of material. President Haruka Akita claims "There is nothing we won't try - we'll keep finding new challenges."

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Worksites are separated into different processes, where staff can improve their relevant skills. Ensuring that staff are skilled for each particular process means the company as a whole is capable of a broad range of work. The company has also been investing heavily in equipment in recent years, with the goal of improving quality even further. The use of a 3 dimensional measuring machine began in 2016 for the precision can manufacturing process. A production management system was also introduced to facilitate smoother communications between worksites and relevant departments, resulting in centralized management from receiving drawings through to product shipment. This helps to cut down the lead time required for production.

Being female, President Akita is a rare member of management amongst ironworks in Aichi Prefecture. With a steadfast commitment to can manufacturing and making every effort to create an inspirational workplace, she also places a priority on developing in-house products. "I want to create a company where even women can be actively involved in the manufacturing process," said President Akita with a subtle smile on her face.

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