Development of the control and monitoring system for various plants. Across the country we are proud to have delivered more than 500 units.

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Certified products and technology
Software development of control systems and monitoring systems
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PixelSoftware was established in 1990 and designs and develops monitoring, control and inspection systems which have been introduced to a variety of plants, automated systems for production lines, and sales management systems such as POS systems. The company’s plant monitoring and control systems are used in food, chemical and steel plants, with a proud delivery record of more than 500 systems in Japan, as well as installation in many overseas factories.

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The company’s monitoring and control systems analyze various measurement data collected by devices called data loggers, and present the analysis data in easy-to-understand graphs and graphics in real time, as a system to monitor and control the overall operation status of plants. For example, in the steel plant system, the system monitors the temperature, thickness, width and warp etc. of the iron plate during the rolling process.

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In terms of system development, the company’s president, Takashi Yabuki, says that the most important thing is "to build a system that does not stop". In the various production lines in which system is introduced, it is necessary to monitor and control almost 24 hours a day. If our system were to stop the entire production line would stop, and there is a possibility that there would be great damage to the customer. The design know-how that ensures that such a situation does not occur is the company's valuable property, saying that "making use of what those who have gone before us have made through struggle, and upgrading it to match current technology" forms the foundation of the company’s highly safe systems.

President Yabuki, while humbly saying that "technically it is nothing special", has developed a niche market that the majors do not enter, and has increased customers by responding quickly to their needs. The company also has a policy of "never say cannot", and may sometimes receive jobs where the cost is not sufficient. However, by receiving such jobs "A relationship of trust is born between us and the customer, and they may introduce us to different departments or acquaintances." The company does not have sales representatives, rather the SE makes the quote, designs, develops, tests, and is responsible up to delivery, therefore to win new customers it is important "to connect to the next stage".

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At present the company is developing an electronic logbook for manufacturing departments, which can enable input, approval and analysis on the web, and a system that can monitor plants on a mobile terminal. President Yabuki "wants to fuse the know-how and state-of-the-art technology that has been developed up to now to propose new systems" and plans to continue to strengthen the development of the company’s products in the future.

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