To prevent mistakes in bar code management, and improve work efficiency.

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Feeder Setup Error Prevention System "Pokanon"
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PC Trend was established in 1995 when information processing teachers at a professional school decided "it would be more fun to make things in the field". Initially, they managed a computer shop and PC classroom, and developed programs, but in around 1999 due to the collapse of the bubble economy they closed the computer shop and computer classes and began to concentrate on program development.

Their mainstay product "Pokanon" was being developed at that time, and has been sold to about 500 companies since the year 2000. It has become a long-seller, which boasts the above sales track record.

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Pokanon is utilized by major electronics manufacturers in their electronic board manufacturing lines. Electronic boards are composed of various parts. Each part is mounted on a machine called a mounter, and is carried on a be placed into a specified location as a finished product. When the mounter part is removed, there is a need to mount a new piece, and the role of Pokanon is to prevent erroneous mounting of parts.

If a part is mounted erroneously, the finished product will suffer major damage and become a defective product. For this reason, conventionally two people were employed as a pair to perform a spoken check, doing the mounting work with great care. It was therefore necessary to place a person in order to do that, and time was also needed to check work if a problem occurred.

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Pokanon is a system to prevent the erroneous mounting of parts through bar code management of components. The bar code information of the component is read with a handheld barcode terminal before mounting the components, and by comparing this information with the part information registered in the host computer, the correctness of the part to be mounted is checked. In addition to reducing mounting errors compared to the previous method, it also becomes possible to reduce staff and greatly shorten confirmation time for the work. Manages the verification history on the host computer, and can also be used for quality control - when managing parts inventory and following up parts used when defects occurred. Already compatible with two-dimensional code labels such as QR codes, a version that can switch between Japanese and English is also available for overseas production lines. Depending on the customer request, a variety of customizations are possible.

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Even customers using Pokanon may make human errors when mounting components on mounter. Therefore President Masahiko Ito president plans to further continue development, wishing to "work in conjunction with the equipment to develop a system that completely eliminates erroneous mounting." He is actively planning entry into future new markets for the technique of management by using a bar code, saying "For example this can also be used as a system to ensure you do not give the wrong medicine to a patient in hospital".

Also, from around 2010, he has been focusing on the development of a POS system for managing items such as customer information in retail stores. It has been introduced into stores such as hearing aid dealers and racing bicycle dealers, and according to President Ito "In the future, I want to increase the sales ratio of the POS system."

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