Using advanced analysis techniques, the company proposes designs for industrial machinery and equipment.

Ozaki Engineering Office Corporation

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Certified products and technology
Design proposals for advanced analysis technology for manufacturing
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Ozaki Engineering Office Corporation began designing production facilities for Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. and Sumitomo Chemical in the mid-1900s. Even after incorporation in 1967, the company was involved in the design and development of integrated industrial machinery, automated machinery, and chemical engineering machinery, and in 1989 "was the first in the Niihama region", according to Director Masayuki Ozaki, to simulate design, as an early adopter of CAD to create drawings.  In 1998 the company started analysis work, such as structural analysis and thermal fluid analysis. Generally there are few companies that perform both analysis work and design work, and the ability to perform everything from analysis work to the basic design and detailed design become the company's strength.

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The company places most importance on "designing to smoothly advance the user's business." To this end it is important to perform simulation in advance, and simulations make use of analysis applications. Director Ozaki says "When we confirm in advance things we cannot see through simulation, we can solve possible problems in advance, and prevent later difficulties", talking about the importance of the analysis business.

In the analysis business, a simulation is carried out from various perspectives by the equipment maker. The company performs heat transfer analysis and thermal fluid analysis to examine the impact of changes in temperature conditions, structural analysis to examine the strength performance of structures, as well as vibration analysis, piping thermal stress analysis and piping pressure loss analysis etc.

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There are several analysis applications depending on the use but he says "Even if you have an application, it is very difficult to master it." Director Ozaki is an expert in analysis, who has been immersed in the study of the efficiency of energy, creating his own analysis application in college. In a typical design company, they deal with around five analysis applications, but we selectively use more than 20 kinds of analysis application in accordance with the purpose. “We are involved in diverse industries, such as steel, heavy industry, chemical plants, architecture, and as a result the number of applications we use has increased.” he says.

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The company also receives requests to make improvements when problems occur in equipment designed by others. Director Ozaki is proud of the company’s abilities, saying “Experience is important in analysis work. With our rich experience we can make appropriate proposals to solve problems.” Since the company can handle something close to architectural design in addition to their main machine design, in recent years they sometimes receive combined orders for equipment and building design.

Director Ozaki says “Since we cannot make things on our own, we want to integrate with a manufacturing company in the Niihama region and create new things”, planning expansion of sales through collaboration with local companies and the creation of new business. "It is also our role to produce the work so that young people will come back." he says, holding strong conviction for the activation of the region.

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