Build an integrated winding drum production system, boasting a top class delivery record in Japan.

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Winding drum integrated production for cranes
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Ono Ironworks was founded in 1947. Initially it was a blacksmith repairing farm equipment for local farmers, but gradually it undertook the work of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., mainly manufacturing crane parts.

Among other things, the company specialized in winding drum parts, and is proud of its top class delivery record in Japan. Winding drums wind the wire for cranes. Grooves are made in iron on a cylindrical surface, and the wire is wound there. In addition to cranes they are used in various fields such as multistory parking garages and sluice gates.

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The manufacturing process of a winding drum, starts by bending a steel plate into a pipe shape, welding joints, then heat treatment, grooving, finishing, and performing assembly and painting. The company can do all of these steps in-house, and this integrated production system has become the company's selling point. The integrated production system generally has merits in terms of delivery time and cost reduction, President Yuji Ono talks about the superiority of integrated production, saying "work that usually takes three months can be delivered in a month".

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The company is also fully devoted to investing in equipment in order to respond to customer needs. We introduced the latest NC (numerical control) type bending roller that performs pipe bending processing in 2014. This equipment is Japan's largest class and can handle large pipe processing up to a thickness of 40mm, length 4m. "Rather than buying pre-processed pipe shapes, we can purchase iron plate and process in-house which is quicker and cheaper." says President Ono, explaining the benefits of introducing the equipment. In addition, in order to handle precision machining of large objects, the company also owns a large lathe that can handle up to 1750mm× 6000mm.

At present the company is promoting the spread of a winding drum called a "Lebus drum". In normal winding drums, the winding portion of the wire is single, but the Lebus drum is wound in layers, reducing the size and weight of the drum.

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In addition, the company has a reputation for welding special materials, such as molybdenum and carbon steel. Although primarily engaged in parts requiring abrasion resistance such as reducer gears, if heat is concentrated only in the area to be welded it will come apart, making it necessary to heat the entire part before welding. Since there is "no choice but to heat while imagining the internal temperature", to get a feeling for this requires many years of know-how. Also the company has a heat treatment furnace, which is essential in carrying out difficult temperature control.

In June 2014 the partly funded adjacent canning plant became a wholly owned subsidiary factory. Since "small drum orders are increasing", the newly added work space will be equipped with equipment suitable for small drums. President Ono says "I now want pipe sales to expand.".

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