Integrated plant maintenance from manufacturing and construction to equipment diagnosis mainly for chemical plants.

Oishi Kosakusyo Co., Ltd.

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Plant engineering and maintenance
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Oishi Kosakusyo began contract work for machine repair for Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Kikumoto Works in 1938, and was incorporated in 1961. Since its inception the company expanded business specialized in plant maintenance, and among other things, is skilled at maintenance of chemical plant requiring a high level of quality and safety.

The company has been engaged in plant design, production and construction on-site from the beginning, and its feature is that it can plan and carry out total maintenance planning including day-to-day inspection operations, quality management and equipment diagnosis. Because the company can manage general maintenance business it "can create a consistent maintenance plan for the safe and stable production of our customers." (President Kenichi Oishi).

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It is most important to perform plant maintenance operations efficiently in a limited time using intervals in customers’ production plan. President Oishi says "Because we understand the customer's production process from many years of experience, can propose a maintenance plan tailored to the needs of our customers." explaining the company's strengths.

In addition, we have one of the few circumferential automatic welding machines in the country. The automatic welding machine is for small-diameter stainless steel pipe with thickness of 1mm and diameter 6.4 to 20mm. It’s also suitable for food, semiconductor and medical applications that use a lot of small diameter stainless steel pipe.

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At the company, a company employee manages and supervises technicians from a cooperating company doing maintenance work "Every year it becomes more difficult to find technicians" he says. Given this, the company began development of its technical personnel in 2013. Saying "I want to train technicians who can become managers" he wants to expand the current 8 people to 20 people by 2020.

In addition, the technical capabilities of plant maintenance "do not become more efficient and better quality if you put in a machine, a high percentage is dependent on the people," he says, also working to improve the "on-site strength", including with partner companies. The company and partner company employees are working on their skills by creating 10 year plans for various qualifications. The company supports qualification costs but "in the company and cooperation companies we have a strong tradition of aggressively going after qualifications." he says, respecting the employees’ individual autonomy, and for this “creating the culture” of the entire organization is important.

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Technicians do not grow overnight. At the company it "takes about five years to become a foreman" so they will continue to focus on continuous human resource education in the future. Imparting skills to the next generation is also an important challenge given the aging of skilled workers. "For basic things we can teach them in their daily work, but for the important parts I would like to proceed deliberately by creating a list.".

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