From the unit type control panels to the related fields including the control panels.

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Large-crane unit type control panel
Nishiki Densoh Co., Ltd. and Nishioka Ironworks Co., Ltd. 1

Nishiki Densoh is the source of the electric department of Nishioka Ironworks.Nishioka Ironworks undertook the work of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. from the former Nishioka Gumi in the 1930s, and has been involved in various kinds of manufacturing.

In 1981, when Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. carried out external production such as control boards, Nishioka Ironworks ofice opened an electrical equipment department inside the company.As the volume of work increased, they made it independent in 1983 to organize the different work of ironworks and electric machinery.

Nishiki Densoh Co., Ltd. and Nishioka Ironworks Co., Ltd. 2

Initially it only corresponded to the hardware part, but responding to the needs of "the related fields including the control panels" such as correspondence to the software field and correspondence to the construction department.Nishiki Densoh develops business mainly on the production of Large-crane unit type control panel.

Work on the ironworks which handles thin plate processing can correspond to a wide range of customers by exchanging one drawing, but electric control is a mass of know-how.President Kei Nishioka explains, "It is difficult to communicate with many customers in order to consider initial drawing from the ordering source, and we need to deal with the work that was integrated with a specific customer."

Nishiki Densoh Co., Ltd. and Nishioka Ironworks Co., Ltd. 3

The main unit control panel controls the complex movement of the crane.In the past, the electrical construction department of the customer connected several control panels and spent effort to connect with the machine, but Nishiki Densoh integrated this with the Nishioka Ironworks.They incorporate a unitized control panel into a cabin-shaped enclosure up to 10 m × 3 m × 3 m and deliver it after the test.Lead time, labor is greatly reduced than before.The problem in process in the customer side has also been resolved."There are several control panel makers in the prefecture, but it is only our company can cope integrated production of unit type," President Nishioka shows confidence in know-how gained through extensive work.

Nishiki Densoh Co., Ltd. and Nishioka Ironworks Co., Ltd. 4

Initially, Nishiki Densoh was mainly engaged in production.After that, gradually strengthen the design function, about one-third of all employees will be responsible for the design work.Furthermore, emphasis is placed on construction accompanying the production of the control panel, quick response to needs and enhance proposal capability.We also obtained approval from the electric construction industry.In recent years, orders from Sumitomo Metal Mining have increased, and work on after-sales service such as remodeling and updating equipment is also growing.

In 2016, we began using a production management system that manages the arrival of parts and the progress of processes in real time, and the efficiency improvement of indirect department also started."We will explore how we respond to customers' cost reductions, quality and delivery requirements," President Nishioka said.While control panel production is difficult to mechanize and automate quickly, we will consider techniques that can be incorporated in the field, such as introducing virtual design and automating cable extraction.Together, the two group companies are looking for high-dimensional collaboration, aiming for further leap in the field that makes full use of control technology.

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