Machine tool maintenance with a high degree of accuracy using a laser measuring instrument.


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Machine tool maintenance technology

NISHIHARA MACHINETOOL was founded as a machine tool trading company in 1984. The company is engaged in sales of machine tools and forging equipment and related used machinery and tools sales around the Seto Inland Sea coastal area of Shikoku, but in 2004 the used machinery stock in the factory was flooded in a typhoon. At that time a professional technician was hired for repair and the company decided to start a machine tool repair business.


The company does about 300 machine tool repairs per year, and can also handle both operational-related mechanical system repair and electrical system repair, such as control panels. In order to meet manufacturer level requirements of high accuracy, a laser geometry measuring instrument that can perform precision measurements in a short period of time was introduced, and the company has established a system that can respond quickly to emergency repair requests. The company also uses special measuring instruments such as a stone precise four right angles master and straight edge to perform machine tool repair with the required high accuracy.


Many types of repair request are received, and there are many cases, such as old machinery where the manufacturer does not have the parts inventory, or foreign machines, where there are no spare parts available. Because the company has repair staff who are familiar with machining technology and the structure of machine tools to fabricate replacement parts in-house, we can handle such repair requests. President Syuusei Nishihara says "The customers want to fix the problem and resume work as soon as possible. With our spare parts made in-house, we can meet such demands, and can take up the challenge of any repair request” describing the company’s benefits.


Since drawings are not present when fabricating components, they are fabricated on the basis of actually measured data. But an important point is that "because the old parts are worn, the new part must be fabricated considering this", and this sense is largely due to many years of experience. Also, in some cases "If the original design is poor, we perform optimum repair by changing the design". Such flexible service takes advantage of the experience of having worked on numerous machines.

Even with the same machine, the location to be repaired and the procedure is different each time. President Nishihara says that "We never say we cannot do it because we have never done it before" is his policy, and he has always faced the customer's worries. President Nishihara says "Our customers are really grateful to us." and that's the joy of making repairs.

In the future "Because introducing a new machine is a large cost burden, there will be more and more needs for repairing existing machinery." and the company is considering expanding repair staff and increasing its locations in the Shikoku region. In addition, "Currently we receive broken machines, but problems can be prevented with regular maintenance." he says, and plans to focus on the preventative diagnostic business.

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