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"f Kartet" electronic clinical record designated to gynecology
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 NEWWAVE operates a diverse range of activities including cell phone sales, restaurants and regional portal site management, with a key focus on system business. The company was founded in 1984, before personal computers became commonplace. Business first started with the development of software for the local manufacturing industry, expanding to cover the medical remuneration invoicing software in 1988. Today the company is focusing on nationwide sales of the "f Kartet" electronic clinical record system for gynecology, which was developed in-house through collaboration with gynecologists.

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Gynecology requires conditions of mother and infant to be recorded over the ten-month period until birth. Ordinary electronic clinical record systems are not designed to be used in this way and many gynecological practices still utilize written clinical records. In addition to recording standard medical information, the pregnant woman health examination management screen in f Kartet provides a way to manage the progress of pregnancy and fetal growth, and also connects to ultrasound and other equipment to make acquiring images smoother. With a host of functions designed specifically for gynecology, the screen layout has been designed to be easy to see. Clicking on the print button also makes it simple to print out a health examination card for pregnant women that includes details such as estimated fetal weight. The system also allows attending physician to add comments according to present conditions, which also gives peace of mind to the woman receiving the checkup.

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The company started selling general purpose electronic clinical record systems from other developers in 1999, however began shifting its development staff to medical systems under the policy of developing in-house products. f Kartet was completed in 2005 by applying feedback received from doctors, midwives and patients in the medical field and testing the system thoroughly. The company sought to market the system nationwide in 2009 by completely redesigning the software with an interface capable of linking with core systems used at general hospitals.

NEWWAVE Co., Ltd. 4

President Mieko Hino came up with the catchphrase "make f Kartet the best electronic clinical record system for gynecology in Japan." The system has been installed at more than 100 facilities throughout the country, and while sales growth was slow to begin with, the pace has picked up over the past three years with the system being installed at more than 20 new facilities annually. The company has also established a solid business foundation with branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka. The emphasis will be shifted to follow-up services by seeking feedback on additional requirements at clinics that operate the system, and the feedback will be applied to develop a system that provides an even more intuitive approach to information. Perinatal care is increasingly becoming networked on a regional scale. "We want to increase utilization at clinics as well as general hospitals, and develop a system that can provide pregnant women with even greater peace of mind by utilizing electronic maternity health record books that can be shared," explained President Hino. The company is seeking to market the system nationwide, all the way from Niihama.

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