Temperature management from many years of know-how, precision machining of large / long products.

Matsukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

3-1-49 Shinsuka-cho, Niihama, Ehime 792-0802

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Certified products and technology
Precision machining of long high hardness material
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Matsukawa Kogyo was founded in 1958 in the same plants as the predecessor Matsukawa Gumi when Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ehime Manufacturing Plants awarded contracts for various casting production. The current name was adopted in 1963, and in 1969 the Jiromaru Factory (Hagyu, Niihama City) was constructed. In 1982, the Kuroshima Factory (Kuroshima, Niihama City), equipped with a 30 ton crane and large work machines was completed. Currently, the production facilities are aggregated at Kuroshima Factory by installing large machine tools, and the company is set up to handle the machining of large / long workpieces in which it is skilled.

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At around the time of the completion of the Kuroshima Factory, the company began machining of rolling mill rollers in response to a commission from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. Pressure rolls are utilized in processing metal material into plate or rod shapes, and any shape can be made by applying pressure to the metal by passing it between a series of rotating rollers.

The company is mainly engaged in large pressure rolls for steel plants, the largest having length 5m, diameter 80cm, and weight 10 tons. Extremely hard materials such as high speed steel, adamite and ductile are used. The company is equipped with large scale machine tools such as grinders, lathes and multi-axis machines that can handle the processing of large / long objects, and for cutting tools too, based on our many years’ experience we select the appropriate special tools for extremely hard materials in accordance with the machining shape.

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The company procures rough processing material in a slightly larger size than the finished product, and carries out high-precision machining. First we determine the direction of cutting with the so called “Core identification” step. Since the provided materials are distorted slightly, it is necessary to adjust the cutting direction according to the state of the material. To make this decision requires great experience, and if a mistake is made it will not be possible to make the specified size and "there is a possibility that the material will go to waste" says President Takuya Matsukawa.

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Metallic materials expand or contract due to outside air temperature, and since there is a difference of between 30 and 40 microns during a day, "Temperature control" is important. If there are subtle errors “when installing on-site it may not be possible to install the piece in the specified location” he says. Therefore rather than cutting the specified dimensions, they must cut assuming the environment in which the piece will actually be used. The company has accumulated data on the expansion and contraction of metal material in accordance with the temperature at work sites over the years, and determines the processing dimensions on the basis of this data. President Matsukawa proudly states "Our many years of know-how is our valuable resource.".

At present the majority of the company’s orders are from Sumitomo Group, but in future the company wishes to expand its business such as through exhibiting at large exhibitions, to develop new markets. They plan to arrange the equipment currently not in operation at Jiromaru Factory to handle small and medium-sized machining.

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