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Mazekon, Gyro Re-Pelleter, Gel Clean, Cleaning equipment for non-contact removal of resin and resin burns from screws and molds
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Maruyasu was founded in 1976 as Shikoku Maruyasu, electrical and mechanical components trading company. During its time selling products, the company identified customer problem areas and shifted its scope of business to manufacturing. In 1985 the company launched its first proprietary extrusion weighing system "Atsukon (ALC-700)." The current company name was adopted in 1991 before focusing on developing its own products with the motto "Identifying customer problems and working out how to resolve them." Taking advantage of the proprietary technology it developed, the company expanded business by specializing in machinery and equipment in the resin product manufacturing field.

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The pressure cleaning series released in 2016 combines heating and pressurization to remove resin or resin burns adhered to parts of resin product molding machines. Those parts can become damaged using conventional removal methods like scraping, destroying or burning off dirt, which could result in the adhesion of additional dirt. So the company then developed its own cleaner system in light of increasing demand for cleaning methods that do not cause damage. "Screw Pressure" can be used for cleaning long objects such as screws or shafts, while "Metal Pressure" is suited to molds or dies. After filling with cleaning liquid and heating to 140 to 150ºC, the pressure is increased to 4.25 MPa. The cleaning time depends on the condition of the item being cleaned, however the cleaning process is complete in 2 to 4 hours. The system can also be used for cleaning complex shapes or dirt in small holes or grooves less than 1 mm in size. The cleaner cuts down the time required for cleaning processes, and helps raise the efficiency of the overall production process. The lineup also includes "Boyle Container" that is designed specially for pressure cleaning large molds that do not fit in either system.

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Maruyasu identified market demands accurately, and developed suitable products to expand business. One of the company's core products is "Mazekon," a pellet mixing machine with a function for supplying up to seven kinds of resin pellets uniformly to a resin product molding machine. Equipped with a high-precision weighing function and the ability to control the extrusion and extraction speed, the machine helps increase the quality of resin products and boost production efficiency. The non-heated compressed pellet regenerator "GYRO RE-PELLETER GP-1" twists and pulls resin film to increase its density, and then finally compresses it with a proprietary roller. This eliminates the risk of resin functional degradation caused by heated regeneration, helping to cut down on raw material costs. Demand for Maruyasu's proprietary cleaning liquid "Gel Clean," which is applied to parts of resin molding machines or soaking them in the liquid, is also increasing due to the superb results it provides.

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The main users of "Mazekon" are manufacturers of sheeting materials for making shopping bags, but the company is aiming to expand its application by marketing existing products to other industries, says Engineering Division Manager Shigeaki Ando. As the company's cleaners deliver superb results when used with engineering plastics, manufacturers of resin parts used in products like cars and household appliances are being targeted for sales. Japanese manufacturers based overseas are also in the sights of plans for sales expansion. Manager Ando explains enthusiastically: "We will be narrowing down our core technologies used for control software while expanding scope to meet demand from IoT devices."

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