Uncovering new business segments with the in-house developed homogenizer

KOS21 Company Limited.

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Certified products and technology
(1) Aluminum target manufacturing, (2) Thin wall machining, (3) Ultra-high pressure pulsation free homogenizer
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KOS21 has developed with its expertise in the field of aluminium precision machining. Since being founded in 1948, the experience and know-how of meeting strict quality requirements as a cooperating company of the Sumitomo Group, the company's core business is the manufacturing of aluminum sputtering targets that have been commissioned by Sumitomo Chemical. These products are used for manufacturing of wiring material in semiconductor IC chips used in home appliances and mobile phones, and in liquid crystal display.

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Today the technology has been expanded to cover the machining of magnesium, titanium, nickel and other difficult-to-cut materials, and is utilized for machining high-precision parts used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment and the asteroid explorer contracted by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd,.

In the field of precision metal machining, certification for manufacturing aircraft components parts were acquired in 2015 with the aim of further advancing technologies developed with machining precision parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical equipment. KOS21 is continuing to push the boundaries as a way of acquiring new customers.

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One existing business segment that KOS21 is focusing on is its own proprietary products. The company set up a new development office in 2011, and completed development of the "Ultra-high pressure pulsation free homogenizer." A homogenizer is a equipment that refines oils and other substances. In addition to the food field, since last year the equipment has also started to be used for processing high-performance materials in the field of fine chemicals. The technology and equipment have already established, and while it was released later than competing products, it is taking them on with a range of high value-added products.

"We thought that demand would be permanent, and calculated that food manufacturing devices would still be required in Japan," said President Motoki Kondo. The aim will be to develop a homogenizer that utilizes the company's technical resources by narrowing down the field of development and working with designers to gather required information.

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The key selling point of the completed product is being able to supply processing solution at an ultra-high pressure of 200 MPa with refinement, at constant flow rate and pressure for processing that exceeds existing equipment. Demand is expected from sectors other than the food industry where higher quality processing is required. Research and development of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) is soaring throughout Ehime Prefecture, however there are issues where the manufacturing refinement process takes lot of time. Demand in this sector is expected to increase owing to the fact that ultra-high pressure processing can lead to better productivity.


Sales agents for the homogenizer have already been selected, and additional applications are expected to be developed in earnest. KOS21 is entering a fresh new era under the direction of President Kondo, who as a manufacturer wanted to make his own in-house brand products.

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