Petroleum and chemical plant construction with strict prohibition of fire, backed by actual results and experience

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Certified products and technology
Manufacturing and construction of production facilities (oil and chemical plants)
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KONBUN was founded in 1960 as Kondo Bunichi Industries, a plant plumbing company. Initially the principal business was onsite construction, and workers dashed around the whole country, but in 1967,following the completion of the current headquarters factory, the company began local business development. In 1991 the current name was adopted, and the company boasts a track record of engaging in a variety of plant construction projects to date.

Currently the company operates two factories: the main plant and the Doi plant (Shikokuchuo City). Originally involved in construction and installation of various plant equipment, the company has built a capability to produce piping and plate working related to plant equipment, and perform insulation and painting. The company's strength is that it can take bulk orders from parts production up to construction management.

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Among other things, the company is skilled at construction at plants where fire cannot be used, such as petroleum and chemical plants. Because fire is prohibited on-site, welding is impossible so pipes must be assembled on-site. In order to do this "prior preparation is important" says Construction Director Yoshifumi Kondo. Although it is best if assembly in the field is the same as the temporary assembly in the factory, since we cannot tell everything just from the drawings, sometimes it is necessary to rework on-site. An important point for the company is to perform real measurements, and by preparing based on their long accumulated know-how, they can achieve a reduction in such rework operations.

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In plant construction, a huge number of parts may be used. If it takes a long time to find the required parts, this will delay the construction schedule. To prevent this situation, rather than bringing a large number of parts to the site at a time, the company only brings what is required, saving the trouble of looking for parts. Director Kondo says "Work that has been well organized has started well." talking about the importance of construction management. The company also incorporates a number of its own ideas born from experience such as marking parts to speed up assembly "Up to now we have repeated failure and improvement." The stock of know-how that has been gained through these experiences, is reflected in the company’s strong construction management ability, enabling the company’s goal of construction in a short period at low cost.

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Since in the future demand for new construction of oil and chemical plants in Japan is declining, the company is also exploring development of new markets. One example is the production of piping equipment for other industries that began in 2014, where the company feels that "technically of course, we can fully take advantage of our experience up to now and our process management capability." In the future, taking advantage of the experience gained in challenging oil and chemical plant construction conditions, the company "would like to get orders in new fields", and is also taking up the challenge of developing new markets.

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