Craftsmanship and advanced technology that has been nurtured with the history of the Besshi copper mine.

Niihama Machinery Industry Co-Op

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1-5-50 Ashima, Niihama, Ehime 792-0896

TEL (0897) 47-6230 FAX (0897) 47-6231

Certified products and technology
Design, manufacture and maintenance of large general industrial machinery and chemical plant.
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The history of manufacturing in Niihama City starts from the opening of Besshi copper mine in 1691, where manufacturing companies made a livelihood from business derived from machinery and equipment repair for mine facilities used in the mining of ore, and became the predecessors of the machinery industry cooperative.

The "Industrial City" Niihama was founded on business development resulting from the Sumitomo mining business with heavy machinery, chemistry and various Sumitomo Group companies. Due to the business activities of the group, cooperation factories specialized in machining, various plants for fabrication, piping, installation of equipment and maintenance, etc., developed into an industrial group with outstanding skills and technology. Incorporating the latest advanced technology, and honing their skills, the corporate castle town Niihama City is a leading industrial city even among the many diverse companies with their craftsmanship in Shikoku.

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Niihama Machinery Industry Co-Op was founded in 1988 as a technology group organization for the manufacturing base, based on the spirit of "mutual aid", by the cooperation office unions of Sumitomo Metal Mining, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. and Sumitomo Chemical. Union members together with each Sumitomo group company are registered for their technology and know-how accumulated over many years by the predecessors’ as Ehime Prefecture "SUGOWAZA" and Niihama City "manufacturing brand". Based on the cooperation and support of the Prefectural Government and City Government, and taking advantage of the strengths of the technology group organization formed by the diverse group of companies to engage in “activities to win orders as an organization” and using the strengths as a logistics base for large-scale production for “marine transport based on port facilities”, we are placing focus on educational activities and development of new markets with major Japanese companies.

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In addition, in terms of handing down technology as baby boomers retire, to address the problems of human resources, from 2004 we have set up liaison councils and student internships for local technical high schools, vocational high schools, and vocational training centers, tours for elementary and middle schools, in order to prevent in advance human resources mismatches in the next generation, and to increase the retention rate.

Regarding the future of union activities, we aim to expand the number of union members not only from Niihama but also including a wide range of manufacturing companies such as Ehime Prefecture Toyo region, Saijo shipbuilding technology and Shikokuchuo papermaking machine fabrication technology companies, incorporating more technologies and skills to continue our activities to improve our competitiveness as a technology integrated hub that can accommodate a wide range of needs of domestic and foreign customers.

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