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(1) Filtration device that does not require filter cleaning, (2) Vapor phase two phase flows revolution type micro-bubble generator "Z-Baburer"
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Founded in 1984, Jinno Kogyo is involved in plant plumbing, equipment construction, plate working and other types of metal processing work . In addition to working on crane parts for Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., business also includes manufacturing paper-related equipment and water storage tanks. Working on a broad range of sites has resulted in a collection of extensive manufacturing know-how, user requirements and product ideas being developed in-house. In 2013, President Hiroshi Jinno developed a filtration device that does not require the use of a filter, and has taken the stance of a full-fledged manufacturer ever since.

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The current marketing focus is on the vapor phase two phase flows revolution type micro-bubble generator "Z-Baburer" that was released in 2015. The device generates a vortex internally, and rotates the discharge disc (planetary baffle) with the negative pressure generated in vacuum state. The shear due to the swirling flow and the physical stimulation due to the planetary baffle generates a huge volume of micro-bubbles.

The minimum bubble diameter supplied is 10 micrometers in size. President Jinno explains "using the swirling flow shear method makes it easier to control the supplied bubble diameter."

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Development began based on the concept of utilizing bubbles to clean the filters of the filtration device that had already been marketed. Yet eventually, the micro-bubble generator took the main stage and came to draw significant attention.

To be marketed as beneficial over competitor products, the "Z-Baburer" featured drive power designed with unique performance. The standard model could generate bubbles as long as there was water pressure available. There was no need for a compressor, which resulted in electricity costs one-third that of competitor models with a similar level of performance. The low running costs were particularly attractive for users operating the device 24-hours a day.

Micro-bubbles are considered to be beneficial for promoting growth, improving water quality and other aspects in agricultural and fisheries sectors, and devices are currently being trailed by industry organizations. Jinno Kogyo has increased deliveries mainly to local customers including agricultural facilities, fish farms and bathing facilities. There is growing demand for industrial applications like cleaning plated surfaces, with more than 70 devices in total delivered so far. The device was originally only available in a compact size, however the product lineup has been increased in size to cover larger production plants. A high-pressure lineup will also be developed moving forward, and provision of a maintenance service is also being considered.

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Another device that has started to be developed is the "Water screw filtration filter" that features a unique structure for filtering and cleaning the filter simultaneously. After receiving a request from a major company to develop a device with certain specifications, numerous field tests have been conducted to improve durability and other performance factors. Applications such as sewerage processing have been forecast, which are likely to further increase the number of sales opportunities.

President Jinno was inspired to develop products using issues related to plumbing costs and procurement of water used at customer paper factories. While the start of actual development has been delayed due to existing projects, as a manufacturer Jinno Kogyo is confident with the progress of development, stating "We have pushed forward with development, and came up with new products based on customer feedback."

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