Industries in Niihama City

Niihama City’s history and culture

Since the opening of Besshi copper mine in the Edo era, Niihama City has flourished as an industrial city, mainly based on the smelting of copper, and has developed into one of the leading industrial cities in the Seto Inland Sea area as the core of the new industrial city Toyo. Even today, mine ruins in the mountainous areas and the industrial heritage that dots the city speak to the prosperity of bygone days.

In recent years, taking advantage of the distinctive local resources, such as the industrial heritage of Besshi mine and the rich, high-quality spring water, we are proceeding to develop a creative cultural city harmonizing advanced industry and the traditions that have supported our culture.

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Industries in Niihama City 2

Niihama City secondary industry

Since the opening of Besshi copper mine, in this resource-rich industrial city that has developed, today there is an accumulation of basic material and processing and assembly industries based around major chemical, general machinery and non-ferrous metal companies.

In addition, especially in Niihama City based on the Ehime Technopolis Development Plan, progress is being made to locate cutting-edge technology companies such as in electronics, fine chemicals and biotechnology, and we are promoting the sophistication and diversification of local industry through advanced technology.

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Niihama Monodukuri Brand Creation and Support Project

(Effort to create new industries by Ehime Toyo Industrial Creative Center)

The Ehime Toyo Industrial Creative Center started activities in September 1991 is a support organization for SMEs established with donations from Niihama City, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture and local businesses.

Up to now, support for new technology, new product development and sales channel establishment has been implemented through initiatives such as the Industrial Cluster Plan by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ehime Prefecture Large Exhibition Participation Project, the Niihama Manufacturing Brand Project and Niihama City SME New Industry Development Support. As a result, through new technologies, product development and new customers, participating companies have received new orders including research and development fee.

In order to further advance these projects, in 2013 the Niihama Manufacturing Brand Creation and Support Project was established in Niihama City. Through PR focusing on companies with strong technology and matching of companies in the region, efforts to develop new businesses in Niihama City's key industry of small to medium ironworks related companies have been accelerated. By growing profitable businesses we aim to develop the region's economy.