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Inami Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Precision machining of high-mix, small-lot batches of large, long workpieces
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Inami Manufacturing was founded in 1953, where only general purpose turning machines and radial drilling machines were used for the maintenance, repair and servicing of hot bulb engines. The company then started receiving machining orders from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., and after being designated as a cooperative factory in 1963, machining of motor parts went into full swing. Business continued to expand, despite setbacks like the oil crises and other incidents. Even after Sumitomo Heavy Industries relocated its motor divisions from Niihama City to Aichi Prefecture around 50 years ago, Inami Manufacturing still continue to supply parts to this day. The plant was relocated to the Habu Industrial Park that was developed in 1990, and the company is now mainly involved in the machining of large-sized parts.

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Inami Manufacturing's forte is with machining operations using machine tools. While business is based on precision machining of medium and large-sized cast parts for motors and reducers, Inami Manufacturing has also expanded into machining of metals other than cast products. Workers apply their expertise to cover areas unable to be machined with numerical control (NC), and the company has all the know-how required for machining out material from like 2 meter diameter flanges, and machining the thing sections out with superb precision. Working on long shafts is also another area of expertise, and round bars up to 8 m in length can be machined. A lot of the larger machined parts consist of thin walls. This is difficult work that often results in distortion, however Inami Manufacturing has its own unique know-how when it comes to chucking during setup as well as machining steps.

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There are not many companies in the area involved in the machining operations of cast products or machining of large-sized intermediary mass-produced goods. President Kosuke Inami explains that his company covers a niche section of the market. The company may produce 100 units per month of a certain part, but only five units of a different product. "We utilize our equipment in a way that helps increase production efficiency," explains President Inami. NC machines tend to be used more for mass-produced goods, however casts are used for countless odd-shaped products. Using the optimum combination of general purpose turning machines and NC machining equipment keeps machining time losses at a minimum. To achieve this, technical training for younger workers also includes the use of general purpose turning machines.

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Inami Manufacturing traces back its roots to machining of cast products, but it is always taking on challenges in new fields. The company's scope of business has expanded in line with requests for completely new types of products. The ratio of orders from Sumitomo Heavy Industries accounted for some 95% of work ten years ago, but today only covers 60%. Yet it is not the number of orders that have decreased; orders from other companies are on the rise. There has been an increase in machined parts for general industrial equipment like water treatment equipment or food processing machinery. While the number of orders in Japan seems to be decreasing as major companies shift their production overseas, President Inami is enthusiastic about "focusing on surviving business in Japan." He is confident that there is a tight-knit community in Shikoku where companies can work together and maximize the benefits of having so many manufacturing companies in the same place. Inami Manufacturing has already been working closely with small businesses to produce updated versions of its original motors as finished products. As demand for unitized products and surface treatment continues to increase, President Iname explains that he hopes to further build up its business network. Inami Manufacturing will also be looking at machining new types of products such as parts for reducers required in fields like robotics where the company excels. "We want to create new types of products based on the technologies that we have made so far," explains President Inami boldly.

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