Electromagnetic coil production technology developed through motor repair.

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The predecessor of Iio Electric was founded in Shikokuchuo City in 1947 as a repair business for electric motors. It was moved its headquarters to Niihama City as orders increased from Sumitomo-related companies. In 1973 the company started taking orders for electromagnetic coil related business in accordance with the move to Nagoya of the mass-produced motor manufacturing unit related to Sumitomo Heavy Industries. Then, in order to also accommodate large heavy workpieces, the current flagship Saijo factory was built in 1992.

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The company has two business pillars. In the motor maintenance department, starting from maintenance of motors used in production plants of local businesses, requests for motor repair are received from all over the country. The background to this business is that there are many factories nationwide that use motors manufactured several decades ago running on active duty, but the maintenance period of the manufacturer has finished, so that if the motor breaks down the manufacturer will not repair it. Although recently there is increased demand for inverter type motors, high temperature or outdoor environments tend to be avoided, and it is said that the lifetime is approximately 10 years. On the other hand, wound motors are simple, and demand also remains deeply rooted in the field due to their excellent durability. “We also receive requests for the repair of motors more than 40 years-old”, managing director Taichi Iio says.

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In the electromagnetic coil department, our other business pillar, we manufacture a wide range of coils from large coils used in lifting magnets for lifting iron scrap, or for brake magnets to reduce the speed at the time of lowering the winding of a crane, to special coils for state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical-related inspection equipment. For large coils, we have a track record of producing coils of 900 × 2000mm size with weight 600kg. Our winding technique has been developed based on our motor repair technology, and craftsmen produce each coil individually, forming the shape that has been decided in the design drawings while adjusting subtle bends manually. For work where “we especially take care over insulation” to be able to reach a level of performing insulation processing while maintaining the gap between the lines takes more than 10 years. With the company motto "no skill, no policy", managing director Iio says he wants to put emphasis on employee training.

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In future, from the idea that "We want to solidify the foundation of our two existing businesses", in the motor maintenance department we plan to develop an organization to do a wide range of business, such as periphery work to motor maintenance that the company could not handle so far, while in the electromagnetic coil sector, we plan to build an organization that can handle total solution orders including machining, for example in cooperation with other companies. By realizing these goals we want to find additional added value that only our company can deliver.

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