The key point of product development is its own motor technology.


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Development and manufacturing technology of DC brushless motors
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The predecessor of HOKUTO was an electronic components manufacturing company It was engaged in the manufacture of electronic components as a subcontractor of major electronics manufacturers from around 1970, but orders decreased with overseas production shift of the leading manufacturers in the 1980s. The founder was originally a motor technician, but in around 1983 because the drive part and the electric control unit were separate structures, he developed his own motor which has a characteristic that it can be used even in places where there is water. Taking this opportunity, the company began to develop their own products that take advantage of its own motor.

Through repeated trial and error, the current flagship product "Scale-removal expert" was born in around 1985. In 2005, the master workshop was founded to perform development, manufacture and sales of their products, including the “Scale-removal expert” product. In 2009, the company name was changed to the current name and started research and development of in various fields using motor technology.

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The "Scale-removal expert" is, as the name says, a device for removing the scales of fish. The electric control part and motor developed by the company that is resistant to water, are independent structures, and the biggest feature is that it can be used under running water. In the handy type, the specially shaped blades which are attached to the tip rotate, and remove scales. The rotating blades have a smooth shape that can be touched during rotation, and can be safely used without damaging the body of the fish. Also, if you use the cutting edge, the ingenuous shape allows detailed work. Since work efficiency is greatly improved, there is strong demand mainly from businesses such as food processing plants and supermarkets that cook a large quantity of fish, and the company is proud of the sales of more than 10,000 units to date. In addition to this, in the "Expert" series, fish processing machinery such as the "Oyster shell cleaning expert" that can remove deposits on oyster shells, and the “Bone removal expert” that can remove fish bones, are available.

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In 2010, the company participated in a development and commercialization project for the next generation of wind power generation system that Kyushu University Research Institute for Applied Mechanics is promoting based around the "wind lens wind turbine" which can rotate even at low wind speeds. The company was responsible for the development of a high-efficiency power generation machine applying its motor technology. Currently, we are conducting a demonstration across the country with the aim of practical application in 2017, President Yoshiki Takahashi says "reducing the number of parts and production steps as much as possible" is the challenge for commercialization.

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The company’s policy is to strengthen its line-up of its main product "scale-removal expert" in the future. Currently, only one scale-removal machine can be used on a single power supply box, but development will be advanced for models where three or four units can be used simultaneously. Also the company wants to work on developing a cheaper cordless version for the general public. In addition, since "our company’s base is motors", the company will also focus on the development and expansion of applications of a new motor that does not use a permanent magnet.

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