Integrated production from plate working to machining for medium and large sizes.


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Doctor blade holder, blocking air-tight tank for high-voltage power supply

Hagio Iron Works, the predecessor of HAGIO MACHINERY, was founded in 1934 as the only specialist screw factory In Niihama. Hagio Iron Works became independent as a dedicated factory for construction machinery parts manufacturing, while Hagio High Pressure Containers became an independent dedicated factory for propane container production, and in 1982, aiming for expansion of the equipment factory and integrated production from design to assembly, HAGIO MACHINERY became separate and independent.

Production of air-tight tanks began in 1994, and in 1998 an integrated plant was completed unify of machining and plate working. The production system’s strength is its ability to handle from plate working to machining for medium and large sizes. Particularly in power distribution systems that distribute power to homes, we are proud to be top class in Japan in the manufacture of air-tight tanks that contain a circuit breaker to temporarily shut off the power.


The company's basic philosophy of manufacturing is "to pursue delivery time, quality and cost reduction, and meet the customer's request" (President Koichi Hagio), and to promote work improvement activities on a daily basis with this aim. A feature of the gas-tight tanks that the company manufactures is a thing called the "work-less surface". Craftsmen remove deformations by pounding during welding and achieve a flatness of less than 0.3 mm, and that leads to a significant cost reduction by reducing the machining processing. In addition, advanced welding technology for maintaining the airtightness of the tank also a company selling point. Doctor blade holders of more than 2m contribute to smoothing the material, and the craftsmanship of "reverse deflection compensation" is used, which considers the deflection by its own weight so as to be horizontal when it is set on the machine.


Because sheet metal work and welding require a high degree of technology and know-how, we hold workshops aimed at transferring skills after work, and actively take advantage of external seminars. Our company, while sticking to handmade products, pursues high added-value work that cannot be done overseas, and in order to realize this we believe that "human resources are everything" and devote ourselves completely to improving the skills of our employees. In addition to this we are aggressively investing in equipment, strengthening our outsourcing network, and building an in-house system that can respond to the needs of customers. President Hagio believes that "An attitude of taking care over delivery time, quality, and cost leads to trust from our customers.".

We also use our accumulated solid technical strength for cutting-edge medical care, such as accelerator parts for the proton beam therapy system used in cancer treatment etc. Also in 2014 we started machining ballast water treatment equipment parts for ships. We aim to further expand our business field, "In future we want to take on the challenge of fields such as medicine, railways and infrastructure.”.


In the future, the company aims to build a cooperation framework with overseas partner companies. While performing core high value-added work in Japan, our aim is to increase cost competitiveness by performing other tasks in Vietnam and China by partner companies. The company has been actively engaged in the acceptance of foreign trainees, and President Hagio is hopeful that "I want them to grow in the future as good partners.".

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