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HAGIO High Pressure Containers Co., Ltd.

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3-5-50 Takihama, Niihama, Ehime 792-0893

TEL (0897) 46-3111 FAX (0897) 45-1750

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Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance from LP gas containers to gas plants (High-pressure gas equipment, biogas purification equipment)
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Hagio Iron Works, the predecessor of HAGIO High Pressure Containers was founded in 1934 as the only specialist screw factory In Niihama. After that, beginning with the approval to produce LP gas containers, HAGIO High Pressure Containers was separated as an independent company in 1961. In 1978 the current headquarters factory was completed in Takihama.

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In the main plant a mass production system was established, and every day a variety of sizes of LP gas containers for household and business fuel are produced from 2kg to 50kg. End-to-end manufacturing is done in-house from container molding, heat treatment, inspection to painting. Among other things, the deep drawing technology that presses and molds a flat plate into a 3-dimensional bowl shape utilizes the company’s own advanced molding techniques. Taking advantage of its mobility that no other LP gas container manufacturer has, the company can also cope with short delivery times. In Shikoku the company boasts a share of LP gas containers of about 50%.

As LP gas demand tends to decrease due to recent changes in society, President Hironori Hagio says "I want to use our gas and container technology that has been developed over many years to develop new products." As a container manufacturer, engaged in a wide range of products from small freon gas containers to large tanks for plant equipment, they have a wealth of design experience.

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One product the company has developed is a desulfurizer for an LP gas fuel cell. Since it would adversely affect the fuel cell main body when the residual concentration of sulfur contained in the LP gas fuel rose, the product has been developed to remove sulfur. And the belt conveyor roller that the company has focused on since 2011 has been jointly developed with TOUWA Industry a local flange manufacturer. The conveyor rollers used in the field of shipping industry have a short life since they rust on the inside from salt damage. Using the company’s deep drawing technology and full circumference welding they could solve this by increasing the air-tightness. Part count was reduced versus existing products, contributing to cost reduction. The company is not only staying in Japan but is expanding sales channels to take on the challenge of new markets overseas. Both projects "took shape in order to resolve customer problems" recalls President Hagio

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The company will leverage its strengths as a container manufacturer in the future, and it also hopes to further deepen cooperation with local companies. The resources of small and medium-sized enterprises are limited, there is a possibility that problems that one company cannot handle can be solved by several companies working together. President Hagio says "there are companies manufacturing a variety of things in this area, so there is great potential" and would like to continue meeting the needs of customers, with a burning desire to develop new business.

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