Advancing into the medical field in control systems. Aiming for overseas development of in-house products.

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Automatic curing time measuring device, industrial equipment, equipment software design and electronic design and manufacture
Cyber Co., Ltd.1

Cyber's ​​predecessor was Iyo Electronics, founded in 1968 as a distributor of wireless equipment and audio products. With the start of design and maintenance of production lines for video decks in the 1970s as a trigger, the company began to develop control software and design and manufacture electronic circuits. In 1997 the name was changed to Cyber, and up to now the company has been involved in automation and labor saving in a number of industrial facilities and equipment.

Taking advantage of their development know-how in control software, in 1990 the company entered the medical field. The accelerator control system, which is mounted on a proton beam cancer treatment system used in cancer treatment, is currently the company's main product.

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The company deals with the system that controls the accelerator of the proton beam cancer treatment system. According to President Kazuyuki Kawabata, since medical related equipment directly influences the human body, "Accurate, high-speed data collection and analysis is necessary". Also, in order to handle the very small currents, advanced design techniques are required. In order to meet such demands, it is essential to design a waste-free electronic circuit. President Kawabata proudly states that "we have much know-how in this area, which can not be imitated by other companies.".

In September 2014, the company launched their first self-developed product, an automatic curing time measuring device called "MADOKA". The product is a device that measures the time it takes for resin to be used as a printed circuit board or semiconductor sealing material to solidify. The product was commercialized in 1987 following a commission from Sumitomo Chemical by improving the device that the company had developed. While gradually mixing and heating the resin material powder, the device measures the time until hardening. The device is used by material manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers and the like for research and development and quality control of resin material.

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The time required to reach the heated state is reduced as compared with previous machines, and the size has been reduced by a factor of four by integrating the controller and the PC in the main unit body. Management of the measurement data is made simply due to the network connection, and a touch panel enhances operability. Stirring performance was improved by adding a screw shape on the ends of the stirring rods. There are several hundred types of resin material, and since the optimal shape of the stirring rod differs according to the resin characteristics, the company wishes to "accommodate different resin materials in the future, by increasing the variation of the stirring rods.".

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The company is planning to target the thriving Taiwan and South Korea electronic component manufacturing markets to strengthen sales of the automatic curing time measuring device "MADOKA". Material manufacturers have also accumulated, and President Kawabata is expecting strong demand, saying "Our sales target list is long". In the future he plans to further strengthen the company's own products by "considering launching a dedicated department.".

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