Rich experience with 3D CAD design, the company also supports strength analysis of structures.


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Plant equipment design, strength analysis of structures by 3D CAD

The founder of AIWA ENGINEERING established the company independently from a design company that had been contracted to do design work for Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. in 1970. Initially the company was involved in activities such as conveyor equipment and crane equipment design for Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., but due to their reliable design abilities the number of customers increased. As a result, currently orders from leading manufacturers other than the Sumitomo Group account for 80%. Along with the growth in trading partners, the company opened sales offices in Tokyo, Hiroshima.

The company specializes in design and structural analysis of labor-saving automation equipment, industrial machinery, large transport machinery, chemical plants and recycling plants etc. Generally, fabrication drawing design and structural analysis, such as calculating the strength of the structure, is done by separate design companies that specializes in each, but the company’s strength is that it can perform both of these roles.


Since design drawings for large-scale plants and large machinery become complicated, the company introduced 3D CAD in 2005 to make 3D diagrams since "it is easy to visualize the final machine and easy to understand." (President Masami Fukutome) There are several types of 3D CAD software, and it is necessary to align multiple software packages in order to deal with the software that business partners use. At present, we have introduced three 3D CAD software packages, and in 2009 we introduced a 3D plant design system specializing in piping design.


In 2006 we introduced special software to perform structural analysis. Multiple software is required for structural analysis, depending on the structure to be analyzed, and we currently use four structural analysis software packages. The introduction of such software is essential in order to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Because these software packages give us the ability to optimize, it is possible to greatly reduce the time required for design and analysis, and since we can see a 3-dimensional view beforehand, it is possible to reduce defects in the field. The improved efficiency of these tasks "leads to a reduction in total cost." he says.


However good the software is, it means nothing if you cannot properly operate it. Therefore employee skills improvement has become a foundation to support the growth of the company. President Fukutome says “Ultimately a company is made up by people." “If the people do not progress the company cannot grow." he says, and puts focus on human resource development through on the job training, external training sessions, and encouraging workers to obtain various qualifications.

The company's trading partners include some companies that have not introduced 3D CAD. Since there are many benefits to introducing 3D CAD, President Fukutome has said that he "would like to recommend 3D drawings in the future", and wants to promote activities for the introduction of 3D CAD.

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